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Announcing CloudBolt’s Partnership with the FinOps Foundation

We are thrilled to announce that CloudBolt Software is a Partner Member of the FinOps Foundation! This partnership is a strategic one that brings many benefits to our customer and partner community. By joining, we have opened up a whole new level of access and knowledge in financial operations (FinOps). Our team can now provide resources and expertise from within our own walls and the collective intelligence of the entire FinOps Foundation community.

FinOps is an approach to cloud financial operations focusing on cost management, optimization, governance, and operations. As such, it has become paramount for organizations running in the cloud to understand and apply these principles. The FinOps Foundation’s mission is “to advance every individual who manages the value of cloud wherever they are.” Our goal in becoming a partner member was to give the CloudBolt team and customers access to the evolving best practices in cloud financial operations while aligning with industry standards.

CloudBolt’s value proposition aligns closely with the mission of the FinOps Foundation and our products solve many key challenges in the space. This partnership reaffirms our commitment to providing customers with best-in-class service and offers our team the opportunity to be active in a growing community of FinOps leaders.” – Michael Salleo, Chief Product Officer at CloudBolt

CloudBolt’s partnership with the FinOps Foundation enables us to broaden our knowledge, advance our product capabilities, and better serve the market.

As our team grows our partnership with the foundation, CloudBolt’s goal is to broaden our:

FinOps Expertise

  • Customers will benefit from knowing that when they work with CloudBolt, they are working with a team well-versed in cloud financial operations. Our customer-facing leaders have been hard at work in the past few months achieving the FinOps Certified Practitioner certification. This means that as customers build, grow, and mature their organizational FinOps strategy with CloudBolt technologies, they will always have a FinOps expert by their side.

FinOps Capabilities

  • CloudBolt product teams have always leveraged our customer base to prioritize how to develop our solutions. With access to the over 8,000+ active members in the FinOps Foundation community, we can hear first-hand what the FinOps user base needs. Leveraging this feedback at scale means more relevant and timely cost management features for our users.

Thought Leadership

  • Our customers can look forward to increased participation in the FinOps community. This will include upcoming hosting events with the foundation—such as webinars, trade shows, and involvement FinOps dedicated events, such as FinOps X in June. We will continue to find ways to advance the cloud management body of knowledge, through Webinars, industry insights, and more. (p.s., Here is a link to last month’s webinar – 4 Critical Steps for Evolving Your FinOps Program.)

The FinOps Foundation and CloudBolt will continue to help organizations get the most from their cloud investment.

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