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Why 쵀Choose CloudBolt? CloudBolt Cloudability Cost Visibility & Management CloudBolt Cost Management provides the ability to quickly find answers to any question using persona-based dashboards and our rich reporting engine, backed by customization for even the most complex scenarios. • Multi-cloud dashboards and tailored functional reporting options mean that team members have access to relevant information and actionable insights across clouds. • CloudBolt has advanced reporting profile configuration options that allow for granular margin & discount customization, currency conversion, SSO & access control policies, and that's just scratching the surface. • Lacking automated chargebacks and business mapping for Reservations and Savings Plans. • Heavy focus on platform reporting options, lessens ability for integrated reporting fucntionality across broader tech stack. Optimization Workflows CloudBolt Cost Management allows FinOps teams to scale by imple- menting policy-based automation that helps engineers take action to remediate cloud cost recommenda- tions. • Use multiple data sources (Cloud Providers, ServiceNow, & more) to automatically identify workload owners and specify optimization owners, reducing the lift on Cloud Financial Management teams. • Create policies that automatically assign / notify and track optimiza- tions across the organization using common tools including, Teams, Email, Slack, ServiceNow, and more. Automatically act when approved and allow your Cloud Financial Man- agement teams to track progress at scale. • End-to-end functionality requires multiple plat- forms in product suite: "Cloudability", "Cloudabili- ty Shift", and "Cloudability SaaS". CloudBolt vs Cloudability 703.665.1060 Choose CloudBolt over Cloudability for a feature-rich, flexible, and user-centric cloud management solution that caters to the diverse needs of your organization. CloudBolt delivers a comprehensive platform that supports various cloud operation use cases, including self-service, automation, and financial management. It is designed to work seamlessly with major cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMWare. CloudBolt's innovative cost management platform is crafted to empower FinOps teams, enabling them to effectively manage and optimize cloud costs at scale. Overview CLOUDBOLT VS CLOUDABILITY BY APPTIO COMPARISON GUIDE

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