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Why Choose CloudBolt? CloudBolt VMware vRA 8.x Ease of Deployment and Management Takes weeks or months to get the system up and running. Need at least three dependent systems for complete experience. For example, lifecycle manager, Identity manager, vRA appliance are needed for just a single node appliance. Troubleshooting documentation is minimal and can be frustrating to find more information. CloudBolt can be up and running in minutes with minimal to no expertise. Lightweight OVA appliance required for CloudBolt which is easy to maintain. No need for any dependent systems. Well-documented setup, maintenance, and support to ease troubleshooting. Extensibility Numerous technology integrations available out-of- the-box; more integrations added continuously. Simple Python-based extensibility that our customers leverage to extend the platform based on their needs. Everything with APIs can be integrated within minutes by customers; no professional services needed. Easy to extend and integrate with various platforms, tools, and technologies of your choice. CloudBolt does not need any services engagement to integrate new features. vRA 8.x has checkbox integrations and are not as deep. For example, Ansible integration is not as deep and needs more effort. Takes many cycles to get a request added in the RFE or product enhancement roadmap. Need for expensive professional services engagement. Upgrade Process Streamlined, quick, and easy upgrade process. Users can upgrade within UI in less than 15 minutes. Upgrades from vRA 7.x to vRA 8.x are non-existent. CloudBolt vs. VMware vRealize Automation C O M P A R A T I V E S N A P S H O T CloudBolt is a leading vendor-agnostic cloud management platform that helps customers manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments through a single self-service catalog, adding agility without sacrificing control. VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) is a complex suite of various products that's difficult to deploy, upgrade, and has limited extensibility, leaving you with an inflexible and expensive tool. CloudBolt software

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