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Why Choose CloudBolt? CloudBolt Morpheus Data Agent-based Flexible self-service IT Simplified extensibility Cost management & optimization Abstract underlying technologies easily into simple multi-tier blueprints for all users—not just technical ones. Using role-based access control, customize your user experience for higher productivity. Needs agents to work seamlessly, service quality degrades while using agentless option. CloudBolt delivers value of self-service agility to both business and technical users. API-first platform, no agents required. Agentless. Need inputs at every stage from the users around items such as cloud, IPAM and security configs, thus, delivering limited value for a non-technical user base. Unparalleled cost visibility, monitoring and continuous optimization. CloudBolt is an open platform with in-depth out-of-the-box (OOTB) integrations. Plus, it extends very easily to deliver more value in less time. Comprehensive upgrade-safe integrations and customizations that are ready to use Day One. Python-based architecture simplifies extending the hybrid cloud environment yourself instead of waiting for anyone else. Check-the-box style integrations that need more time and effort to work seamlessly. Depth of integrations varies based on technology and not easily customizable. Long wait times for new features to be added to the roadmap in the platform Comprehensive cost visibility through reports and dashboards. Slice and dice information by services, users, etc. for better decisions. Automated policy-based alerts for identifying savings opportunities. Take actions directly from the platform. Basic reporting and monitoring that isn't enterprise-ready. Superficial visibility that cannot be customized. Limited guidance for CPU/ RAM, if any. Users cannot optimize or take actions from platform to save money in multi-cloud environment. How CloudBolt Delivers More Value Over Morpheus Data C O M P A R A T I V E S N A P S H O T CloudBolt is a leading, vendor-agnostic, agentless cloud management platform that helps you manage your hybrid and multi-cloud environments through a single self-service catalog, adding agility without sacrificing control. Morpheus Data is difficult to deploy, manage, and upgrade, leaving you with an inflexible tool requiring agents. CloudBolt software

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