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The Truth about Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation

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These findings point to a serious problem: At the same time, 76% of IT leaders are still custom-coding at least a quarter of all their integrations. What's more, 70% say the need for domain knowledge of different technologies poses problems for custom-coding integrations and 61% have problems with the scripting and coding expertise these integrations require. 76% Creating a self-service catalog giving end-users what they need, according to IT leaders, depends on the organization's ability to support new cloud environments (61%) and new third-party services (52%). The reality is that 76% of IT leaders still find the integration of new third-party services challenging and 62% find it difficult to support new cloud environments. Automation: Integration woes 99% of IT leaders believe streamlining integrations are key to accelerating their automation and self-service IT initiatives. Self-Service IT: Easier said than done Self-service IT, according to 71% of IT leaders, should be easy for end-users, allowing them to "order" what they want without any special knowledge or expertise. The majority of those surveyed (56%) believe that their self-service initiatives do not meet this standard. 71% 2 CloudBolt Quarterly Industry Report: The Truth About Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation

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