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Simplified Management for AWS Resources

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Page 1 of 11 2 DATASHEET Although an excellent wellspring of resources, AWS has what seems like an infinite number of decisions to make before deploying them. IT admins and end users want to use AWS resources with the goal of not sacrificing security and performance while controlling costs so they don't end up costing more than the value they provide. For those reasons, deploying AWS resources effectively can be daunting to even seasoned IT professionals. At the enterprise level, making the right decisions about using AWS resources can make a huge difference for the overall success of digital transformation initiatives, particularly when implementing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies. CloudBolt helps IT admins move the critical and complicated aspects of deploying AWS resources behind the scenes. The entire process of requesting, deploying, and terminating virtual machines (VMs) and cloud services is more efficient for end users who are provided with an intuitive self-service IT portal and unified manager to provision and manage the resources they need. As a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud management platform, CloudBolt homogenizes access to virtualization and cloud environments to not only AWS, but also to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and VMware vCenter. CloudBolt users don't need to know the details of the behind-the-scenes deployment of VMs to any of these environments. IT admins can set the parameters and use CloudBolt orchestration to provide the best-fit resources for the end user's needs. CloudBolt integrates on-premises virtualization with private cloud and public cloud virtualization environments from AWS and many other technology vendors along with enterprise configuration management tools and domain-specific technologies.

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