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Simplified Management for Google Cloud Platform

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Page 1 of 9 2 DATASHEET The provisioning and management of IT resources, as well as the development of applications, involves a mix of tools, including orchestration tools, public and private cloud frameworks, and data center automation and configuration management tools. So even GCP users can become mired in complexity as they attempt to provision resources, while IT teams can lose visibility and control over those resources if a process in the workflow fails. Moreover, IT administrators and end users are challenged by what seems like an infinite number of choices that must be made before they can successfully launch and provision cloud resources and services in most public clouds. CloudBolt helps IT administrators ensure the entire process of requesting, deploying and terminating the use of virtual machines and cloud services runs properly. At the same time, end users receive an intuitive self-service IT portal and unified manager to provision and manage the resources they need. It integrates on-premises virtualization and private cloud environments with public clouds, configuration management tools and domain-specific technologies. In effect, CloudBolt homogenizes access to virtualization and cloud environments – such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or VMware – so the end user doesn't have to understand the details of how these environments work, what parameters are available or the inner workings of low-level network, compute and storage capabilities.

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