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Avoid Security and Compliance Nightmares with CloudBolt

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Avoid security and compliance nightmares with CloudBolt Challenge It's no surprise 83% of organizations view security as a critical challenge for cloud adoption, according to a recent market report. With developers adopting a multi-cloud strategy, security is usually an afterthought. However, this can create potentially detrimental challenges not just for you but for your entire organization. Some challenges include: • Manual efforts to track compliance, causing loss of productivity • Unauthorized actors accessing your data • Service misconfiguration leading to compromised environments • Missing compliance standards such as HIPPA, NIST, etc. • Security breaches due to exposed passwords Some ways organizations tackle these challenges is through spreadsheets or manual scripting, tracking one resource or cluster of services at a time. This can work for development or testing cloud environments. However, as your developers use more cloud services, spreadsheets and scripting cannot keep up. Alternatively, when Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure add a new service type, your script needs updates. Is this really manageable for enterprises? No. You need a reliable multi-cloud solution for complete visibility along with actionable recommendations. Solutions CloudBolt security and compliance is powerful yet simple solution trusted by enterprises globally. With CloudBolt, you and your developers will be empowered to stay compliant across multi-cloud environments. Stop spending days and weeks seeking vulnerabilities and then taking actions. You can do those same tasks in minutes with CloudBolt. You'll achieve this through: Security Visualization: A single cloud environment changes quickly. Throw in a couple more clouds and chaos sets in. Misconfigurations get overlooked; S3 buckets are left exposed. No more! With our intuitive security and compliance solution, you'll visualize your environments across your technology stack. You'll get a granular view from your VPC to the service level, such as EC2 instances. This way you'll avert mishaps that would otherwise find your organization in headlines for the wrong reasons. Further, this reduces the time required to identify misconfigurations while taking actions proactively. Gain a complete view of your technology stack and pinpoint misconfigurations instantaneously while making your team more accountable. Compliance Overlay: We know it can be tough to follow compliance frameworks such as CIS, PCI-DSS, NIST, and HIPPA among others. Manual practices cannot keep up with your scaling infrastructure needs. To address this, we have embedded 300+ security checks in our platform. These help you to visualize gaps easily while staying actions- oriented. The AWS Well-Architected Framework integration eliminates need for a separate tool. It's as simple as turning a switch ON for compliance. No need for longer calls or finding the workload owners. Take proactive actions— completely armed with compliance recommendations— from our platform. O V E R V I E W

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