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OneFuse Integration Platform Improve Automation Through Better Integrations As companies continue to make the shift towards more cloud infrastructure, teams are under mounting pressure to find efficient and cost-effective solutions to address automation challenges around a growing number of clouds, toolsets, and teams. In order to be effective, these technologies and teams must converge to meet the needs of the business without compromising IT governance, compliance, and over-burdening people resources. Custom Code is Extensively Used to Automate…But Has Problems • 99% agree…integrations are important for cloud automation efforts. Self-service IT doesn't happen without integrated systems! • 76% of companies admit that at least one quarter of all their integrations are custom-coded. Custom code is everywhere! • These are the top-ranked, most common problems with custom code: - Require domain knowledge - Unmanageable as intro more tools - Require coding expertise - Expensive projects - Time-consuming projects - Human-error, visibility & governance Solution Overview - OneFuse OneFuse delivers cloud automation through abstracting underlying integration complexity and presenting varying cloud infrastructure integrations as services that can be re-used again and again. Policy ensures governance conformity, and you don't need domain or coding expertise. Build processes faster and get more done with pluggable and modular integration services. Private cloud Hybrid cloud Public cloud vRA 8 Naming AD BlueCat Infoblox F5 Ansible VMware ServiceNow SolarWinds Terraform Scripts Ansible CMP automation CloudBolt vRealize S O L U T I O N O V E R V I E W "Poor integrations... take a $500,000 toll on the business every year." 1 "52% of custom coded projects cost 189% of their original estimate." 2 "57% of IT processes aren't automated or integrated." 3 Other 0% Custom integrations create risk of human error, visibility, and governance challenges 26% N = 108 decision makers Custom integrations require coding/scripting expertise 61% Custom integrations require domain knowledge of different tools/technologies 70% Custom integrations become unmanageable as I introduce more tools in my enterprise 47% Custom integrations are time-consuming projects 50% Custom integrations are expensive projects 30% Custom integrations work up to a point, but we've hit a wall 8% What are the top 3 problems with custom coding/custom writing integrations for your infrastructure tools and technologies? (Select 3) OneFuse Integration Platform Benefits Simplify integrations to better enable automation - We build integration services that are reusable, documented, and centralized Scale integrations with codeless reusable integration services - Stop building custom one-off integrations every time systems need to share Gain deep-level integrations - We provide the ability to validate, support multiple solutions, see assignments, embed in workflows, and more Achieve governed integrations with dynamic policy - We enable SMEs to govern how particular integrations operate, providing control post-build while reducing blueprint sprawl

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