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Why Choose CloudBolt? CloudBolt Cloud Native Tools Cost visibility and actions: Cost visibility across multi-clouds Cross-cloud visibility is non-existent and requires extra efforts or scripting Reporting with limited ability to slice and dice information; scripting or manual efforts are required Cumbersome navigation to get relevant information or requires third-party application Real-time cost visibility, monitoring and cost management Single pane visibility across various clouds such as AWS, Azure, VMware Intuitive reports make it easy to slice and dice information to services, users, accounts for better decisions and showback, chargeback Role-based access control to expose relevant information to the users, groups, etc. Cost visibility and actions: Budget and forecasting Easy to define budgets across multiple clouds, accounts, and confirm how your teams are doing against those budgets Forecast confidently based on past information Single place to compare spending against budget and forecast based on trends Cannot create budgets across clouds Need manual effort, time to learn about native tools, and can lead to mistakes Cost visibility and actions: Tagging consistency Drive more efficiency and transparency CloudBolt Cost Management allows for tagging editing, find missing tags and apply necessary tags in cloud providers Same tags can be enforced across clouds providing consistent user experience Manual effort needed to replicate tags across all clouds and for enforcing tagging hygiene Inconsistent across teams and accounts, can lead to mistakes on cost management, allocation, optimization, etc. CloudBolt vs. Cloud Native Tools Comparative Guide C O M P A R A T I V E S N A P S H O T Cloud native tools are helpful at the start of your cloud journey. However, as you continue these native tools won't meet your needs. They don't scale or support multiple tools, leading to more manual effort, time, and missed saving opportunities. CloudBolt Cost & Security Management Platform (CSMP), an action-oriented next-gen SaaS solution, is leveraged by many enterprises that spend millions of dollars in public clouds to gain visibility, manage cloud spend, and stay compliant. CloudBolt software

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