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OneFuse Integration Platform for VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) Improve Automation Through Better Integrations As companies make the shift towards digital transformation, infrastructure teams are under mounting pressure to find efficient and cost-effective solutions to address automation challenges around a growing number of clouds, toolsets, and teams. For enterprises investing in VMware vRealize Automation (vRA), OneFuse provides the ability to extend platform capabilities as well as reduce the need to write custom code to achieve advanced use cases with integrated technologies. vRA Customer Survey Results – TOP PROBLEMS INVOLVE INTEGRATIONS • 99% agree...integrations are important for cloud automation. Self-service IT doesn't happen without integrations! • 59% of vRA customers admit half or more of their integrations are custom coded. Custom code is everywhere! • Top problems with vRA according to recent custom survey: - Requires an enormous amount of custom code (64%) - Major releases cause re-writes of all custom integrations (59%) - No visibility of what moves in and out of integrations (53%) - Solution complexity (difficult to work with) (47%) With the OneFuse Integration Platform, organizations can codelessly integrate vRA with other automation and DevOps tools to accelerate automation capabilities and realize a faster time-to-value. Solution Overview - OneFuse OneFuse delivers cloud automation through abstracting underlying integration complexity and presenting varying cloud infrastructure integrations as services that can be re-used again and again, policy ensures governance conformity, and you don't need domain or coding expertise. Build processes faster and get more done with pluggable and modular integration services. S O L U T I O N O V E R V I E W "Poor integrations... take a $500,000 toll on the business every year." 1 "52% of custom coded projects cost 189% of their original estimate." 2 "57% of IT processes aren't automated or integrated." 3 We Make VMware vRA Better… Stop building integrations again and again, OneFuse creates reusable integrations Gain deeper system integrations, see results and analyze resource flow from integrated systems Gain governance around integrations – build policies to dictate usage OneFuse can decouple integration services, making integrations easier and simpler to move between platforms OneFuse vRA 7 vRA 8 Capabilities Integrations Dashboard Multi-tool Consumption Auditing Policy/Template Migration/Portability Deep and Wide Integrations Custom Code Reduction

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