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Slash Your Multi-Cloud Cost Pains with CloudBolt

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Multi-cloud adoption challenges Along with the complexity of adopting and integrating multi-cloud services, other common cost management challenges are: • Insufficient visibility: Not knowing which services, accounts, or applications consume cloud resources such as storage, backup, etc. Sticking to your planned budget for IT resource consumption becomes difficult. • Managing cloud spend is tough: 82% of organizations find managing cloud spend very challenging 1 . Key reasons may include manual tracking or using spreadsheets which get cumbersome as cloud adoption grows. • Limited or no resource optimization: 70% of organizations do not optimize and are overspending on cloud services 2 . If not addressed early, and regularly, these challenges can quickly overwhelm your team. This can nullify the reasons you adopted cloud in the first place. Using spreadsheet models or manual scripting to understand your bills is not scalable. Spending hours or days analyzing spend information can prove counterintuitive. Don't slow your cloud adoption because of these challenges. Instead use CloudBolt Cost & Security Management Platform (CSMP)–a reliable solution trusted by global organizations. How Does CSMP Help You? CSMP is a next-gen SaaS solution designed for organizations leveraging multi-cloud solutions and want to visualize, manage, and optimize cloud costs. It gives you a single pane of glass to manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and VMware vCenter environments with confidence. Let's understand how Kumolus helps you. 1. Get granular visibility for your cloud services CSMP provides detailed insight across your various clouds and services to analyze the usage in depth and help you make conscious decisions. Gain insights into your AWS, VMware vCenter, GCP, and Azure environments through simple yet powerful dashboards and reports, customizable to your needs. Cost reports and dashboards present information on resource consumption and along with daily or monthly trends. You can further slice and dice this information by resource type such as com- pute, database, storage, etc. to get a 360-degree view of your public cloud services. You'll get more data points to make more well-informed decisions. O V E R V I E W

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