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Accelerate Automa on 703.665.1060 79% We had a very robust Kubernetes offering on top of ECF. Enterprise Cloud Fabric. And our first test was, hey, CMP company, can you take this and make that a one click order? And actually everyone failed except for CloudBolt." " - Head of Cloud Engineering and Infrastructure, Global Entertainment Company Reuse what works Push bu on simplicity Pull disparate systems together Self-service provisioning in minutes Any tool, any cloud, any me Remove human error ACCELERATE AUTOMATION Automa ons helping a few are good. Aggrega on of automa ons helping everyone is transforma onal. KEY USE CASE THE CHALLENGE MULTI-CLOUD, MULTI-TOOL IS DIFFICULT TO SCALE Organizations have varying pockets of automation- the bigger the company the more pockets exist. How can you bring it all together? There simply aren't enough people with the expertise needed to code your way out of the problem, which is why 4 out of 5 IT pros say their company has hit a wall using existing solutions. They also indicate they want an overarching solution to serve as an aggregator of automations. WATCH A SHORT VIDEO THE SOLUTION ADD SPEED, CHOICE, PREDICTIBILITY, AND SCALE TO YOUR CLOUDS Automate and orchestrate all of your cloud automa ons and discover just how fast your digital transformation can accelerate. It's all possible when you use "the aggregator of automations" to bring it all together and simplify everything for end users. "I WOULD SAY WE HAD ISLANDS OF AUTOMATION ACROSS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS AND PRODUCT TEAMS BECAUSE THEY ALL TOOK THEIR OWN APPROACH." – Sr. Director, Global Manufacturing Company

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