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Accelerate Cost Op miza on 703.665.1060 Limited insights into who is provisioning what, where to op mize costs, or how to remediate security issues. With mul -cloud and mul -tool adop on con nuing to escalate, the future is NOT ge ng any clearer. There simply are not enough "analysts" to manually create, analyze, and report on modern infrastructure usage. Buying CloudBolt was pre y much a no brainer. I simply said, "Here's the amount of cloud spend we have today. Here's a solu on that can help us to control it, especially as we grow the team more to actually support our expanding cloud environment. We looked at numerous vendors and ended up selec ng CloudBolt." " - SVP Technology Services & CISO, Na onal Financial Company WATCH A SHORT VIDEO Stop throwing more analysts and money at the problem. CloudBolt framework unifies mul -cloud and on-prem infrastructure to give you everything you need to know in one place and the tools you need to ensure you're op mizing your cloud spend. CLOUDBOLT REDUCED AN INTERNATIONAL BEVERAGE CONGLOMERATE'S AWS BILL BY $36 MILLION. IN THE FIRST YEAR. YOU CAN'T MANAGE WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE VISIBILITY AND FUNCTIONALITY YOU NEED TO OPTIMIZE YOUR CLOUD SPEND ACCELERATE COST OPTIMIZATION You can't op mize what you can't see KEY USE CASE THE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTION of IT leaders have limited view s into cloud cost and spend Automa cally iden fy savings Update info automa cally and regularly Auto-no fica ons Take correc ve ac on through CloudBolt Make recommenda on automa cally

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