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Accelerate Na ve Cloud 703.665.1060 88% At first, I think Developers were scared of what we were implemen ng. There was fear that we were locking them out or that they were going to lose control. But over me they've realized that we're taking away the mundane administra ve tasks. They can focus their talents on developing." " - SVP Infrastructure & CISO, Na onal Financial Company Na ve cloud tools provided by AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. are designed specifically to address the clouds they are na ve to. Unfortunately, in a mul -cloud world, that means different tools for different cloud providers with no easy way to automate, op mize, or secure workloads between them. It's like having to manage MULTIPLE cloud opera ng systems. And all of them require lots of exper se to use. WATCH A SHORT VIDEO "Oh no…not another tool!" We agree with you. CloudBolt is more than a tool. It's the overarching aggregator of all things cloud and automa on. CloudBolt simplifies automa on, orchestra on, visibility, and security/compliance/governance at scale. Common UX across all clouds Automated repor ng (aggregate from mul -clouds) One workload for the cloud Market-driven capabili es Be er business con nuity NATIVE CLOUD TOOLS ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR YOUR CLOUD NOT ANOTHER TOOL. AN AGGREGATOR. ACCELERATE NATIVE CLOUD You'd think cloud providers would offer tools that were easy to use. CloudBolt makes it easy. KEY USE CASE THE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTION "CLOUDBOLT IS AGNOSTIC, GIVING US THE ABILITY TO DIVERSIFY AND LEVERAGE MULTIPLE PLATFORMS ALL THE WHILE PROVIDING A FRICTIONLESS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE THAT'S SIMPLE AND EASY." – State IT Agency

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