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© CloudBolt So ware. All rights reserved Ready for CloudBolt to show you how to build security-in so devs don't forget? LET US SHOW YOU HOW BOOK DEMO CloudBolt offers a comprehensive, award-winning cloud automa on, visibility, and governance framework specifically built to s tch together your disparate mul -cloud, mul -tool, mul -team world and bring order to your infrastructure chaos. CloudBolt has systema cally built capabili es that benefit everyone across an enterprise – ITOps, DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps – by enabling: • Clarity into mul -cloud spend with robust repor ng that enables real op miza on • Self-service IT that truly is automated (no exper se required) • Guardrails for be er governance that ensure compliance and increase your security posture • Reusability of proven best prac ce elements, blueprints, and code, stop reinven ng the wheel across teams Our framework allows you to unify and simplify – today and tomorrow. Future-proof your cloud strategy with CloudBolt. LEARN MORE Accelerate Security 703.665.1060 IT TAKES A FRAMEWORK ABOUT US DID YOU KNOW... VIDEO with CloudBolt you can bake security into workloads ensuring use without affec ng user experience? LEARN MORE 67% With cloud, the perimeter is all but gone. A single misconfigura on by someone who isn't even a security expert and thinks about security as an a er-thought can have devasta ng consequences. CloudBolt helps make clouds safer. HOW WE CAN HELP MULTI-CLOUD REPRESENTS THE GREATEST EXPANSION OF THREAT SURFACE EVER THE STATISTIC

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