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78% Accelerate The Tools You Love 703.665.1060 " At first, I think developers were scared of what we were implementing. There was fear that we were locking them out or that they were going to lose control. But over time they've realized that we're taking away the mundane administrative tasks. They can focus their talents on developing." - SVP Infrastructure & CISO, Na onal Financial Company Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, or "the next open-source star" – the con nual adop on of the next favorite tool makes governance, usage tracking, cost visibility, automa on, and dev produc vity infinitely more difficult. There are steep learning curves to proficiency and teams rarely share what works best for reuse. Are the tools that promised accelera on actually slowing everything down? With CloudBolt they won't. HOW WE CAN HELP Use the tools you want Reduce the learning curve Pull disparate systems together Manage all tools in one place Push bu on simplicity TOO MANY TOOLS, TOO MUCH TO LEARN, NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE ACCELERATE THE TOOLS YOU LOVE Allow devs choice – right tool for the job – with oversight and control KEY USE CASE THE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTION AUTOMATION, GOVERNANCE, AND VISIBILITY FOR ALL YOUR TOOLS IN ONE PLACE Every dev team makes different cloud and tool choices, Manage the mess and control the chaos while still offering choice. CloudBolt makes it simple to stitch it all together and reduce the exper se required. "CLOUDBOLT ALLOWS US TO MOVE FASTER WITH TERRAFORM THAN PREVIOUSLY WITH TERRAFORM ALONE." – Head of Cloud Engineering and Infrastructure, Global Entertainment Company

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