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Offer your customers the features they want with CloudBolt. LET US SHOW YOU HOW BOOK DEMO © CloudBolt Software. All rights reserved MSP Overview 703.665.1060 CloudBolt offers a comprehensive, award-winning cloud automation, visibility, and governance framework specifically built to stitch together a disparate multi-cloud, multi-tool, multi-team world and bring order to infrastructure chaos. CloudBolt's comprehensive offerings make it simple. Go beyond traditional offerings from competitors and differentiate your service by offering unique capabilities with CloudBolt. Easily build new services on our flexible framework: • FinOps and cost optimization - Customize pricing, margins, reports, alerts • Self-service, automation, and orchestration - One-click ordering from any cloud and on-prem • Accelerated DevOps, SecOps, and ITOps - Quickly help customers adopt new tools to accelerate their vision • Whatever service you want to create! Go beyond traditional offerings from competitors. Differentiate your service by offering unique capabilities with CloudBolt. Easily build new service on our flexible framework >>> can optimize and automate cost savings with CloudBolt? can deliver security and compliance services to your clients? IT TAKES A FRAMEWORK FOR ACCELERATION DID YOU KNOW... DID YOU KNOW... ABOUT US HOW CLOUDBOLT IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CMPs AND COST MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Allow your customer to plug-in whatever tools they prefer (Open API arch, 100s prebuilt). Automate delivery - use less staff to maintain the environment and services. Periodically auto-test, ensure service levels and uptime are met (auto-schedule). Enable views into consumption from corporation to region to an individual level. Help customers auto-find unknown workloads. More found = greater value. Allow customers as much control as they want. Granular RBAC. Build in security/compliance. Enable re-use/share service so customers can be more efficient (customer's personal GitHub). Improve by analyzing trends, recommending improvements, finding anomalies. INTEGRATION SELF-SERVICE IT TESTING VISIBILITY DISCOVERABILITY GOVERNANCE CONTENT LIBRARY CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Cost Optimization Service Security & Compliance Service

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