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MSP Overview 703.665.1060 CloudBolt Industry Insights (CII) has surveyed thousands of global professionals just like you across multiple topics. TAKE ME TO THE RESEARCH >> Need better insights - who, what, where, when, and how much Frustrated with current service provider Believe their MSP is failing to help them optimize cloud spend SURVEY OF MSP/CSP CUSTOMERS: 4 OUT OF 5 SHOPPING FOR NEW PROVIDERS CLOUDBOLT OFFERS A NEXT GENERATION MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK DIFFERENTIATE YOUR PRACTICE AND INCREASE YOUR MARGINS WITH CLOUDBOLT MSPs/CSPs have a huge opportunity ahead CLOUDBOLT OVERVIEW You likely just accept the expense, time drain, and customization nightmare your customer billing has become. Simply stated….. there is a better way! CloudBolt customers are finding savings, flexibility, and new service offerings to expand the customer impact. Customer Report Automation Billing Visibility CUSTOMER CHAT Offer New & Differentiated Services What if you could: Customize pricing and margins per customer and display those just for that customer. Auto-alert customers (Org-wide down to individuals) as they approach quota limits. Detail customized reports per customer regions, departments, individuals, and more. CloudBolt research shows today's Global IT organizations (79%) have hit a wall using existing clouds and tools. 88% want something they can plug existing investments into for centralized governance, visibility, automation, and optimization. CloudBolt framework gives you the flexibility to easily create and build new services to meet new demands. Hear from Shawn Petty, former automation owner at IBM Cloud, as he talks with CloudBolt's CEO about extracting greater value using existing automations.

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