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© CloudBolt Software. All rights reserved Discover what a new framework can do for your cloud. LET US SHOW YOU HOW BOOK DEMO Having one central multi-cloud solution to get visibility over everything was essential." " - Justin Dolly, CSO & CIO of Sauce Labs CloudBolt Overview 703.665.1060 CloudBolt offers a comprehensive, award-winning cloud automation, visibility, and governance framework specifically built to stitch together your disparate multi-cloud, multi-tool, multi-team world and bring order to your infrastructure chaos. CloudBolt has systematically built capabilities that benefit everyone across an enterprise – ITOps, DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps – by enabling: • Clarity into multi-cloud spend with robust reporting that enables real optimization • Self-service IT that truly is automated (no expertise required) • Guardrails for better governance that ensure compliance and increase your security posture • Reusability of proven best practice elements, blueprints, and code, stop reinventing the wheel across teams Invisibly build security, compliance, and governance into every workload so that it can't be overlooked later. You have cloud automations across your entire organization. You need an "orchestrator of automations." Get more out of . CloudBolt accelerates results. Go beyond the tools the cloud providers offer to get more functionality and more visibility. See, understand, and act upon cloud usage and cost data the way you always wished you could. With CloudBolt, devs don't have to be experts in CloudOps. They can focus on being experts in innovation. IT TAKES A FRAMEWORK ABOUT US Our framework allows you to unify and simplify – today and tomorrow. Future-proof your cloud strategy with CloudBolt. ACCELERATE COST VISIBILITY ACCELERATE APP DEVELOPMENT ACCELERATE COMPLIANCE AND SECURITY ACCELERATE AUTOMATION ACCELERATE THE TOOLS YOU LOVE ACCELERATE NATIVE CLOUD LEARN MORE >>> LEARN MORE >>> LEARN MORE >>> LEARN MORE >>> LEARN MORE >>> LEARN MORE >>> can build automations into workloads with CloudBolt? ...CloudBolt can help you with security and compliance? DID YOU KNOW... DID YOU KNOW...

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